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Download Data

Shot Logger's data, although copyrighted, are available for download and use according to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. The following files are suitable for importing into Excel or other spreadsheet/database applications.

Download Source Code

GitHub logo (Octocat)Shot Logger's source code—primitive though it may be—is available on GitHub as open-source software, licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3. It was first uploaded to GitHub on July 23, 2015, after lengthy alpha and beta periods.

Install VLC

Get VLC Media PlayerMuch as we love VLC, we have to acknowledge one occasional problem with it. Sometimes updates to VLC manage to break a key function that Shot Logger requires. At least twice during our use of VLC, the ability to embed time-code data into the names of "screen shots" has been busted.

As a safeguard against this problem, we provide (below) versions of VLC that do support time-code embedding.

Also, although VLC contains no malware, it will take over the playing of all of your audio and video files if you do not un-check certain boxes during installation. Specifically, VLC asks you to "Choose Components" during installation:

VLC set-up screen 1

If you do not want VLC to be your computer's default media-playing software, then scroll down in the display box until you see this:

VLC setup 2

See all those checked boxes under "File Type Associations"? Un-check them so that it looks like this:

VLC setup 3

Now, your standard audio and video player will continue to work as before.

Download VLC

Get VLC Media PlayerRight-click the name of your operating system below and then choose to "Save Link as..." or "Save Target..." or something similar. Save the file somewhere you can find later. Then run the file to install VLC.

If you'd like to download VLC from its home page, head over here.