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Deprecated To-Do List

Shot Logger's development has now (November 1, 2023) come to an end. Here's what we had been hoping to do when the end arrived.

  1. Update GitHub files to version 2.2, for distribution as open-source software.
  2. Refresh all downloadable data.
  3. Update admin section with PDO code.
  4. Update admin section to use new statistics generator
  5. Update downloadable files to use new stats table.
  6. Add system to attach scale to a shot.
  7. Add median stats (and others?) to index.php
  8. Process filenames to excerpt timecode after they're imported. Then put the timecode in the frame's description (or summary). Can this be automated?
  9. Add field for alternative title (as in US title of foreign film). Make it searchable.
  10. Create system to delete bad frames/data from SL.
  11. Fix keywords.
  12. Add more charts, using Google.
  13. Check to make sure the SL directory has not been previously imported. But what to do if it has?
  14. CSS: separate data tables from other tables.
    1. E.g., Main admin page should not have the rollover effect that data tables use.
  15. Calculate cumulative data for Shot Logger & chart it automatically:
    1. # of shots logged
    2. ASL of all shots
  16. Create administrative system for entering data.
  17. Export album data as Excel spreadsheet.
  18. Add shot number (not Shot ID) to ShotListV2.php.
  19. Blend Shot Logger 1 images/data with Shot Logger 2.
  20. Change Shot Logger 1 graphics to indicate difference from Shot Logger 2.
  21. Fix "date submitted" in TitleListDetailV2.php -- when there is none.
  22. Insert shot number if one doesn't already exist -- e.g., for SL title #2.